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Why Hire Benbow International PR? 

Benbow International PR (BIPR) crafts stories that persuade people to act and provides U.S. and international organizations a number of advantages when they want to increase their presence and credibility in the U.S. market.

Secures Press Coverage


BIPR is a U.S. market expert who secures media coverage in the U.S. for CEOs, organizations, and issues. This media coverage helps overcome these issues:

  • ​Lack of visibility and credibility. The CEO and company are not visible and credible in the U.S. market.

  • Decline in sales/donations, it does not have the quantity or quality of leads it needs, or its sales cycle is too long.

  • Limited budget, expertise, and/or time when entering or addressing the U.S. market.

  • Languishing company stock price. Either the company has a compelling story to tell but no one has heard it, or it has been unfairly affected by an adverse market trend or competitors’ problems.

  • Reduced non-profit engagement, volunteerism, advocacy, and donations.

Crafts Stories that Compel Action


BIPR conceptualizes, creates, and integrates content to disseminate across multiple media to tell story of organization and its members. This sustained and collaborative effort increases engagement, volunteerism, advocacy, and donations. Often clients’ stories are marred by a/:

  • Lack of coherence – there are multiple different or inconsistent versions of the company story published across multiple platforms

  • Confusing visuals – the photographs and video conflict, detract, or add nothing to the story

  • Unclear ethical marketing policy that outlines what is allowable to publish and not

  • Missing media kit with materials including: Biographies, Fact Sheet, FAQs, Organization History, and past media coverage. 

Posesses Experience with European Clients


BIPR has worked with journalists in 17 countries and secured $1.2 million worth of media coverage for a European client in leading international publications and television networks including:

ABC television, Adweek, Business Week International, Forbes, Forbes Global, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time.

As a result, BIPR’s client’s stock price almost tripled in the days following the news coverage.

Compares Favorably with In-House Resources


Often an organization’s PR team does not understand the potential problems and opportunities the U.S. market presents. The geographic distance of thousands of miles, and social, economic, and political differences may cause a:

  • Lack of U.S. market knowledge, which is compounded by inadequate analytical and research skills,

  • Dependence on the Internet and potentially unreliable research sources,

  • Preference to work on local market issues because they are easier and more comfortable to solve, and successful results can be demonstrated in-person to superiors, and

  • Tendency to make recommendations that will be received favorably by their superiors.

Returns Value: For Dollars Invested in PR


BIPR can work independently or complement in-house staff. Clients can:

  • Capitalize on BIPR’s expertise securing news coverage.

  • Benefit from BIPR’s ability to learn complex topics quickly, which shortens the introductory phase of an engagement and delivers measurable results in less time.

  • Avoid hiring a medium-to-large size PR agency whose focus is on larger clients, and whose employees have unpredictable and varying experience and capabilities.

  • Avoid paying for an additional employee.

  • The experience per dollar invested, therefore, is greater.

Stays Small and Selective


BIPR’s goal is to secure news coverage for its clients in the world’s most prestigious media, and therefore:

  • Selects clients whose CEO, organization, or issues would interest top editors and journalists.

  • Restricts its number of clients. BIPR cares less about how many clients it has, but rather who
    those clients are and the results achieved for them.

Builds Strong Client Relationships


There is no staff turnover. Priss Benbow is responsible for all aspects of a project. She determines strategic goals and executes the tactics. She meets clients at briefings, presents recommendations, and executes all activities. She is the sole contact throughout the business relationship.

This approach contrasts sharply to larger PR firms which often — after a contract is signed with a client — delegate work to inexperienced junior staff.

Applies Sound Judgment


Throughout her career, Ms. Benbow has applied sound judgment to make thoughtful strategic and tactical decisions, and also to predict, avoid, and solve PR problems.

Furthermore, Ms. Benbow has the integrity to address and realign clients’ strategies gently when it is in that firm's best interest.

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