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Where in the world is Priss?

A Convent, a Charming Street, and Art(isans)

The Duomo

I took a road trip to visit one of my favorite cities, Florence. My accommodation was a convent

that was 10 minutes from the Duomo - an old building with pillars and arcades, a lovely fresco

on the second floor, and a garden with orange trees.

Once settled, I explored. I walked along a charming one-block street located very close to the

Ponte Vecchio, Borgo SS. Apostoli. While there, I visited the Piazza de Limbo to see the Church

of Santi Apostoli, a small Romanesque-style church that is one of the oldest buildings in

Florence. Along the way, I admired the details of centuries-old brown wooden doors as I strolled

past shops and a lively wine bar, Mangiafoco.

Left to right:

Top row: Borgo Pinti convent, Borgo SS. Apostoli, and door detail

Bottom row: Ghiberti’s bronze door detail (replica), Scuola del Cuoio, and Palazzo Vecchio

Florence was not crowded, so I was able to visit the Duomo and The Baptistry with Ghiberti’s

bronze doors without being jostled. After a quick walk, I entered the doors of the Badia

Fiorentina, an abbey founded in 978 with beautiful art including a painting by Filippino Lippi. (If

you can, come here to listen to the beautiful singing at Vespers; you will thank me.)

I also visited the Scuola del Cuoio (“Leather School”) where I watched artisans create leather

goods sold on-site. Interesting note: The Leather School was founded after World War II to give

orphans a trade to earn a living, and the building features frescoes executed by the school of


Ponte Vecchio bridge at night

On my final evening, I crossed the Ponte Vecchio bridge at dusk and heard the musicians playing

music and walked on to the Piazza della Signoria to see the Loggia and the Palazzo Vecchio

illuminated against the night sky.

I have returned to Paris, but I hope to share another adventure with you soon.

Ciao for now,




  • – book rooms in monasteries and convents, often in interesting old buildings centrally located in town. For the adventurer.

  • Scuola del Cuoio – leather school behind the Santa Croce church. Watch artisans at work.

  • Tram – take the tram directly from the airport to the center of town in 20 minutes for 1.5 Euros. Easier and faster than taxi.



Let me know when you are in town! You can reach me via email or leave a phone message

Departure date: January 1, 2024

I have embarked on a “Year of Adventure”. With few plans except to travel far and wide, I carry with me optimism and an unwavering belief in fortuitous, high-octane serendipity…

I began with November in Paris. To experience the holiday season while there, I took a cooking class at La Cuisine Paris that featured Thanksgiving dishes, hopped on an open-top bus tour of the Paris landmarks in Christmas lights, and observed the beautiful fall tree colors. The weather was chilly, so I sought warmth at the Christmas market and found it in a glass of Vin Chaud – or deux.     

I plan to send an update of my experiences while living and traveling abroad every one or two months. My goal is to capture the essence of people, places, and things I encounter so vividly that family and friends are transported to share in my adventures with me. I will also include hidden gems that have become my favorite things I think you might enjoy. I hope you will join me along the way – and feel free to share these updates with our mutual friends.

Come visit and wish me luck! After spending the holidays in San Francisco, I am moving to Paris January 1st - so there’s one last chance to hug me in person.


I wish you a merry and bright holiday,




  • Executive Relocations – a relocation company that helped me with my visa application and to secure an apartment in Paris. Made the move much easier.

  • French Bee - a low-cost, long-haul airline with good fares. Think "if-Southwest Airlines-flew-to-Paris-but-a-more-bare-bones" type of experience. Take water and snacks. (You'll need them.)



Let me know when you are in town! You can reach me via email or leave a phone message

Let me know when you are in town!  You can reach me via email or leave a phone message

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