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Case Study


U.S.A., Washington D.C.


Media Relations, Positioning, Writing

Priss Benbow executed this project at the White House, before founding BIPR.


Vice President needed press office to handle constant calls from the world's media. Unforeseen national and international events created a fluid environment that required rapid, accurate responses. A misstep could lead to an avalanche of negative press throughout the world, diminish Vice President's and The White House's credibility, and result in the Vice President  — and his boss, The President — losing their jobs in front of the entire world.​​


The Vice President's press office had only five members to handle all media inquiries.​​


For current stories, divided duties by tiers based on experience to react to and answer journalists' questions. For potentially damaging future stories, identified trends and difficult questions to ensure staff had maximum time to do research and develop responses.​​


No negative media coverage. No international incidents. No lost election.

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