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Case Study




CEO Reputation Management, Media Relations, Positioning, Writing


The CEO of a small, privately-held branding agency wanted to increase his agency’s visibility and credibility both locally and nationally to help increase sales.



Journalists viewed branding as difficult to understand and explain, and were reticent to invest time to learn about the agency or its founders. In addition, the agency’s large clients often refused to give interviews or discuss the branding work done for their company publicly.



Explained to media how branding makes companies more valuable, why it was sometimes overlooked as a strategy, and offered the CEO as an industry source and expert. Created and sent positioning and story ideas for the co-founder and company to the U.S. and European media.



Over four years, PR initiatives were responsible for 5-10% of the agency’s yearly revenue increase and also led to one Fortune 100 client.

Secured $550,000 of news coverage in U.S. and Europe. Obtained 120 interviews, which resulted in 90 published feature articles and mentions of the CEO, founder, and agency.

Coverage was published in: Ad Age, Brand Week, BusinessWeek Small Biz, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fox News, Inc., Los Angeles Times, Les Echos, Market Watch, PR Week, San Francisco Business Times, The New York Times, and USA Today.

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