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Case Study




CEO Reputation Management, Media Relations, Positioning, Writing


Newly-formed French-American wine company was launching its first wine brand nationwide in the U.S. market. The company CEO wanted to create visibility and credibility for this new product in the U.S. and France to coincide with its launch.


The company and its brand were new and thus completely unknown in the U.S. and France. The brand was launching nationally in two weeks. The total length of the PR contract length was limited to six weeks.


Explained to the media why past poor marketing of French wines confused American consumers and resulted in disappointing sales. Then explained how the new wine was branded specifically to appeal to American consumers. Created and sent brand positioning and story ideas for the company and CEO to the U.S. and European media.


Secured news coverage in the U.S. and Europe including six published feature articles and two mentions of the CEO, company, and brand. Coverage was published in: BrandPackaging, Brandweek, Create, Les Echos, Market Watch, Package Design, Helsingin Sanamat, and SF Business Times.

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