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Case Study




Analysis, Positioning, Writing


CEO of beloved San Francisco company, a 117-year old mattress manufacturer and retailer, had two goals.  First, to raise the company’s visibility and credibility to increase sales.  Second, to position its brand as a “maker”, a manufacturer that handcrafted a premium product.


There was no marketing, public relations, or advertising plan or budget.


The existing digital and advertising agencies did not coordinate ideas or activities. 


Marketing activities were one-time and ephemeral, and it was difficult to measure the results and the return on investment.


Select top items to deliver immediately that were “evergreen” – those that would deliver value immediately and could be used indefinitely.


Within one month, wrote and distributed a press release announcing the company had been named by Forbes Magazine as one of “America’s Best Small Companies”.  


Recommended the top awards, customers, and press coverage out of the company’s 117-year history to feature on the company’s website.


Wrote and distributed two media pitches, completed two award submissions, and compiled and delivered a list of upcoming media opportunities. 

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