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Case Study




CEO Reputation Management, Media Relations, Positioning, Writing


The CEO and founder of the world’s largest angel investment network wanted to build the organization’s brand and attract and retain members.


There was a lack of visibility for the bi-annual angel conference.  In addition, startup entrepreneurs needed to refine their investor presentations. The organization wanted expert help with both.


Executed two-step strategy. First, created and implemented a media relations strategy to secure media attendance at events.  Second, conducted “pitch” sessions with entrepreneurs to help them practice and refine their investor presentations.


To secure media attendance at the conference, wrote and distributed event press release, edited boilerplate, fact sheet, biographies, and event description, and extended personal invitations to journalists.  Secured attendance from Forbes, The Silicon Valley Business Times, and The Wall Street Journal.


To improve investor presentations, conducted over 30 practice sessions with entrepreneurs.  Provided advice on company positioning, presentation organization, and the top ten questions to anticipate from investors.

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