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CEO Reputation Management, Conference Outreach


Managing Director of a newly-founded academic research institute (“the Institute”) wanted to speak at prestigious industry events to build the Institute’s and their own brand, as well as create opportunities for networking conversations with industry leaders.


There was no positioning, compelling speech topic to submit to conferences, or list of conferences to contact.


Built list of 160 of the top industry conferences in four areas: business, education technology, and women leadership. Worked with team to identify speech topic. Identified the highest priority conferences and sent targeted pitches to 40 conferences each quarter.


Within 19 months, secured 47 speaking engagements globally that led to a published mention of the Institute in The Wall Street Journal. The conferences included those sponsored by: OECD, Stanford, The Wall Street Journal, and UNESCO, and took place in India, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.S.


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