Case Study




Media Production, Positioning, Writing


According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency), there were over 68 million people displaced from their homes by persecution, conflict, or violence. Media coverage of this global refugee crisis had diminished


Although the global audience for short videos had exploded, there were few established best practices.  Advocacy organizations used video to tell refugees’ stories, yet many were videos were poor quality and uninspiring. 


Applied ethos (appeal to ethics), pathos (appeal to emotion), and logos (appeal to logic) to short videos. Selected all assets, including music, photographs, and video, which was then edited in Premiere Pro.  Honed skills in storytelling, narrative structure, and setting mood through music.


Developed best practices for short videos for refugee advocacy.  Imagined, wrote, and produced seven videos on international refugees and the organizations that help them.