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Case Study




Analysis, Positioning, Writing


Director of Development for a national $40 million homeless non-profit with 375 employees needed to raise money. The fundraising efforts centered on an emotional appeal, telling the stories of individuals (“members”) served and publishing photographs of them.


Many members had mental health issues which hindered their ability to give consent. Once published, their personal stories and photographs would remain on the internet and potentially damage their future personal and career prospects.


Created an ethical marketing policy, a commitment to make decisions across all marketing efforts that are morally right. Before any story or photograph is published, members are required to sign a series of consent forms overseen by their advisor or counselor. Members retain the right to revoke their permission at any time.



Established ethical policy to serve as a foundation for “moral marketing” to protect members. In doing so, the non-profit’s storytelling was powerful for fundraising, yet those it served were protected.

One of the first of its kind, this policy serves as a beacon to guide marketing for both non-profits and for-profit businesses.

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