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Case Study




Analysis, Positioning, Writing

Photo by Ahmad Odeh


The Executive Director of a globally recognized performing arts organization wanted to raise visibility, increase revenue from four main channels and fundraising efforts, and broaden its audience. The organization also requested a recommendation of whether the PR role should be in-house or an independent consultant.


The Covid pandemic required that performing arts organizations cancel live performances and audiences were slow to return to in-person events held inside theaters afterward.


Combined text and images to tell the story of organization powerfully. Designed PR strategy and advised staff on the best practices for PR services, measurement, and staffing structure. Created Asset library and connections to new audiences.



Made recommendations on how to structure the PR role, set goals, and evaluate performance.  Built relationship with university organization and held two special events for alumni. Instituted PR best practices and launched Asset Library to save staff time, strengthen the brand, and avoid errors.

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